Caprivi Mutoya Lodge

Embark on Adventures

Activities to Ignite Your Spirit

At Caprivi Mutoya Lodge & Campsite, your journey is more than just a stay – it’s an immersive adventure. Embrace the rhythm of nature and discover a world of activities that will awaken your sense of wonder. From fishing in the Zambezi’s embrace to sunset boat cruises that reveal the secrets of crocodiles and hippos, our offerings are designed to connect you with the essence of North East Namibia. Whether you’re a passionate angler, a fervent birdwatcher, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, our activities promise to craft memories that will linger long after your stay with us.


Calling all birdwatchers and enthusiasts! With up to 450 species, our location is a paradise for bird lovers. Embark on a sunset boat cruise to witness African Fish Eagles in action, the African Hobby, and the majestic Bat Hawk. Keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful Schalow’s Turaco that graces our lodge.


Whether you’re an avid angler or a novice seeking a thrill, our motorboats and canoes await you for an exciting fishing experience. Catch and release as you reel in the elusive Tigerfish, Barbel, Bream, Nembwe, Tilapia, and Largemouth.

Boat Cruises

Set sail for adventure with our boat cruises tailored for fishing, sundowners, and bird viewing. Let the gentle waves of the Zambezi River carry you to new horizons.


Canoes: Paddle through the lagoon’s waters in fibreglass Canadian canoes, encountering crocodiles, hippos, and a symphony of birds. Fishing from the canoes is also on the menu. Best of all, canoeing (unguided) is a complimentary delight for our lodge guests.


For the adventurous souls, experience local culture aboard a traditional Makoro, an African wooden dugout canoe that will immerse you in the essence of the region.

Nature Walks

Explore the enchanting surroundings on foot, discovering monkeys, mongooses, squirrels, and a multitude of bird species. Encounter the sought-after Schalow’s Turacos and embrace the thrill of nature.

Village Walking Tours

Embark on a journey to Libula village, just a stone’s throw from our lodge. Engage with the vibrant local community and contribute to their well-being while experiencing the traditions of an African village.

Day Tours

Unleash your wanderlust with our organized day tours to Namibian National Parks within the Zambezi Region, Chobe National Park in Botswana, or the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.